Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zach in his new Slanket. I told him he looks like a jedi.

Zach being goofy on his birthday

Happy Birthday, Zach! Today is Zach's 35th birthday, and I wanted to post some birthday wishes to my husband. He opened his gifts a little while ago, and one of them is a blanket with sleeves, called a Slanket. I snapped a few photos of him modeling the thing; I think he looks like a jedi. Hee, hee. If you have a gamer in your life, you might want to consider getting them one of these. They have a website: http://www.theslanket.com/. The idea is that you can stay warm and still have your hands free to work and play on your computer. Geeky, no? It's still too warm to actually use the thing, but come winter, it will be nice. Of course, this also means that I'll never get him off the computer, but that's another story. Happy Birthday, Zach-san. :-)


Karen said...

Deffo Jedi. Happy birthday, youngster!

Ali said...

I was thinking Monk whenever I saw those pictures lol. But Jedi works too. I can see Kevin saying it now, "I want one!" haha too neat!

Katsuyo said...

Happy birthday, Zach! Wow, it's a good thing he has Ellen to wash that for him. Could you imagine the gamer stink coming off that thing?! (Is it wrong that I kind of want one?)

Hi, Karen! :)

jennifer blackburn said...

I thought 'monk' too at first, but once I appreciated the simple beauty of this product, I became a (vicarious) convert. Happy belated birthday, Zach!

Jimmy Pete said...

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Lone Ranger!!!


Yep bro, you're looking full on Jedi Master in that fabulous slanket (and the name rocks something serious!) ~ Better tell your glorious wife thank you for the kick ass gift.

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day Zach. May the force be with you. hehehe!


Anonymous said...

Wave of hand.

"This is not the gamer you're looking for."

(Try looking under the next slanket you find.)