Monday, August 18, 2008

Hee, hee, hee.

"Do you like to draw? Yes."

"What is the weather like?" (Oddly appropriate for the wife of a weather forecaster, no?)

Hi, there. I hope everyone is well. So, um, Tofu Man was feeling kind of lonely. I couldn't resist this pink square of cuteness, so I handed over some yen and brought her home. And no, Zach didn't run away in fright. He might have rolled his eyes a little, but he didn't run away. I don't know why many of you find these stuffed creatures disturbing. I think they are cute and so different from anything you'd find in the States. As you can see, I've been expanding my wardrobe as well. I always seem to get a chuckle out of Japanese folks when I wear my Tofu T-shirts, and I've had Seiko translate them for me so I don't have to worry that I'm wearing something that has an offensive saying on it.

Things are good here. Today has actually been sort of mild in the weather department. We've been staying pretty close to home, but this weekend we did get out a bit. On Friday, we went to the army's version of the game show "Deal, or No Deal." They were giving out cash prizes and free food, so we decided to check it out. Unfortunately we didn't win anything, but it was entertaining in a weird sort of way. On Saturday we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant with this new club I joined, the Atsugi Enlisted Spouse Association. They do a lot of volunteer work for the community and plan fun activities for navy spouses to partake in. Sometimes they also do activities where you can bring your husband, and Saturday night's activity was one. A friend from my washi paper class invited me to join. I think it will be a fun way to connect with other spouses, and I hope to volunteer some of my free time.

So, that's about it. Enjoy the photos, and don't worry. I have control of the situation with this tofu thing. No, really I do!


Jimmy Pete said...

We showed Tallas the Mr. & Mrs. Tofu yesterday at mom's office and she thought they were really cute & giggled (take THAT Uncle Zach). However we did have to explain that the little cakes were not real (she was fully prepared to sample one right off the screen - kudos to you).

We will trust that your "tofu" collecting is in check until we see the header: "Welcome to OUR Neighborhood" - then we are seeking help. LOL

Erica & Tallas

Karen said...

That's my girl.

jennifer blackburn said...

The tofu thing is kinda growin on me.