Saturday, August 23, 2008


Fields of rice near our house

This has to be the creepiest scarecrow of them all.

She doesn't look like she feels very good, does she?

The Audrey Hepburn of scarecrows.

"The fields are alive with the sound of Ellen's screams."

No, Kid Scarecrow, you can't come over to play.

"Hey, throw the ball over here."
"I'm too cool to look at you."

Birds, birds everywhere.

Hello! I came across some things that had to be photographed, and I'm wondering if they will creep you out as much as they creep me out. Zach and I like to go for walks in the evenings along the paths in the rice fields near our house. We've been watching the rice grow for a few months now, and recently grains started to appear on the stalks. Lots of happy and hungry birds are swarming the fields in search of food, and the farmers have erected their very special Japanese scarecrows. Up until this year, scarecrows never actually scared me. I mean, wasn't the scarecow in the Wizard of Oz one of the nicest characters ever? But now I've seen the Japanese version of a scarecrow, and there is something super-creepy about them. Maybe it's their faces. Maybe it's their eyes. Their hair? I don't know. All I do know is that even though the farmers have done a great job making their scarecrows realistic and creepy to humans, the birds don't care a bit. But does that really surprise you?


kurtandcheryl said...

OK...those scarecrows freak me out, even more than clowns do!! some of them look unusually large as well...Are you sure they don't come alive at night and stalk the neighborhood? Lock your doors and windows!!

Hope all is well --


P.S. do you still check email?... :)

Karen said...

For xxxxx sake Ellen, I'm supposed to sleep now?!

Anonymous said...

"The fields are alive with the sound of Ellen's screams."

I will be joining you in the screaming! Those things are CREEPY! I'm glad I don't see them here...I wouldn't ever be able to go outside!

jennifer blackburn said...

Ha ha ha, awesome pics and yes, totally creepy. But thank you for clearing up some of my questions about the concept of a rice plant via that one closeup photo. I get it now, it's just like wheat!

jennifer blackburn said...

On further reflection, I just love the fact that people have put so much work into these and then they're completely ineffectual. Awesome!

Jimmy Pete said...

HOLY COW! I mean SCARECROW! Those things are by far the freakiest heads on a stick I have EVER seen! And there is always something "eerie" about corn - lol. I am so going to have that sour image in my head for quite some time. Arf!