Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another great Japanese sign. Who knew that water could be cute?!

This turned out to be milk tea, not chocolate milk. Sigh.

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. I'm slugging through another hot and muggy day here. I finally couldn't take it anymore and turned on the air conditioning. As someone from the northwest, I'm still not used to the concept of AC in your house. It seems like a big luxury to turn it on, but here in Japan, it is a necessity. So, AC all the way! Until the electric bill arrives, right?

We've been doing okay here. I had sushi with Seiko this week, which was fun. I've still been attending my craft classes and recently volunteered to crochet baby blankets for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. I've made two blankets so far, and I'm working on a third. Summertime isn't the best time for working on a blanket, but it is for a good cause and it keeps me busy.

I added a few more photos to the blog that I hope makes you laugh. The "water under construction" sign was just too weird to pass up, and the Hello Kitty drink was calling my name at the convenience store down the street. I should have known that it was a milk tea drink by the fact that Hello Kitty is sitting in a teacup, but for some reason I convinced myself it was chocolate milk. Sigh. There's nothing wrong with milk tea, but when you're expecting chocolate milk, it was a bit of a disappointment. On the bright side, though, I now have this adorable milk carton to make something crafty with!