Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nicely sliced meat, ready for stir fry

More meat!

Meat on a stick. I'm sure that Liver on a Stick must be there. Blech!

Seafood! Check out the octopus on the right!

I haven't tried these, but I guess they are little prepackaged rice/sushi-type things that taste really good.

More sushi to go

Rice, rice, and more rice!

Cute doggy outfits. Happie, I took this photo just for you!

Here is my favorite (so far) Japanese chocolate--Meiji. Notice the electronic price labels. They can change the prices just by pushing a button.

Hello from Japan! How is everyone? I am doing okay. I haven't been too wild and adventurous lately, but Zach and I did make a quick run to a local Japanese grocery store. We've started buying our produce locally rather than at the navy commissary. The food at the commissary is shipped in from the States, so a lot of the produce shows up looking pretty pathetic. I snapped some photos so you can see some of the cool stuff at the store. The store owners go to great lengths to make everything look really nice. The prices aren't that bad for most things, but there is the occasional item that will just make your jaw drop. For example, I recently saw a cantaloupe on sale for 9800 yen, which is $98!! It was nicely wrapped up and displayed in this wooden box, but come on. The "regular" cantaloupes were between $9 and $15. I hate cantaloupe, so the thought of spending any money on one seems stupid to me, let alone $98!


Anonymous said...

Aim for the dark ones when you're craving Liver on a Stick.

Maybe you hate cantaloupe because you've never had a $98 one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the doggie outfit pic, Ellen! I am still waiting for some pictures of actual doxies decked out in their finery. Jemma and Hazel want to know what their kin in Japan look like. We are loving your blog so far...keep it coming!
-Happie :)

Anonymous said...

Halloween is over but look! Child as sushi roll! (scroll to bottom)


jennifer blackburn said...

Karen, you have GOT to stop looking at those crafts websites before they permanently warp your mind. I must say that if that kid came trick or treating to my doorstep, I would NEVER in one million years figure out that they were supposed to be a sushi roll. The costume does kind of scare me though, so I suppose it accomplishes its intended purpose!

LN, did you fall in your fancy toilet? We have not heard from you in a while. This must be remedied ASAP since I have become accustomed to a little work-day laugh every few days. Your blog has become the highlight of my work week (you cannot imagine how pathetic my life is).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I second Jennifer's demand for more LN blog. We have nothing better to do than check it. But if you don't hurry up and post something, we'll have to go get a life or something and then you'll have no one but yourself to thank if you don't get any more kind and loving comments. (Ahem.)

And if you haven't fallen in your fancy toilet, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

Ellen said...

I know, I know. It's been forever since I posted something. I will put something up in the next day here. I had this week-long orientation class at the base, and I also came down with some kind of cold/flu thing that seems to be hanging on. I'm so glad that you guys are enjoying this blog so much. I enjoy sharing this stuff with you!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from me too. :) And I hope you will feel better v soon. xo Karen

Anonymous said...

Had you fallen in your toilet we would have been forced to wish you happy bidet. --Carol