Saturday, October 20, 2007


Here I am with my shrimp.

Here I am stuffing my face.

Zach waiting patiently for his sushi. Notice the intercom and buzzer on the left.


Happy Saturday! It's a pretty day here, kind of overcast but breezy and nice. I've been getting a very good laugh from everyone's comments about the toilets. Maybe our toilets can say a greeting and I just don't know it. Guess I'll have to get cracking on translating the control panel.

I have some new photos to share of a recent outing to Sushi-Go-Round, a restaurant that we've been to quite a few times and enjoy a lot. I'm not a huge sushi fan, but it's definitely growing on me. Zach loves it and he's encouraged me to try different types of fish. I know it's lame, but I really do like the shrimp and cucumber rolls the best.

Sushi-Go-Round is near the navy base and located upstairs in a grocery store. As the pictures show, sushi and other food items are on plates on a conveyor belt that winds around the restaurant. You take what you want from the belt. At the end of the meal, you press a button at your booth and the waitress comes and counts the number of plates, and then she gives you the bill. You can special order items as well by either speaking into an intercom at your booth, or flagging down a waitress. We've given up trying to speak Japanese into the intercom because they usually ask us a question in Japanese that we don't understand!

Once they make your order, they place it on the conveyor belt on a special plate labeled with a colored sticker. The sticker matches another sticker at your booth. We learned this by accident. The first time we went I saw these cucumber rolls that I wanted, and I unknowingly took them off of someone's special-order plate. I'm sure there was someone at another booth wondering where the heck their food was, and they probably weren't too happy about it either! There's nothing like learning by trial and error!


Anonymous said...

Are the shrimp raw too?

Anonymous said...

Mmm. Yum. Sushi. The restaurant kind of reminds me of the 50s-style diners that you sometimes see here, with the jukebox/intercom things at the tables. --Carol

Ellen said...

Hey, Karen. They have both raw and cooked shrimp. I go for the cooked ones.

Anonymous said...

Now if only they would put useless Hello Kitty doo dads on the roundabout, you would be in heaven!

Anonymous said...

So I have a question. If one were (hypothetically, of course) contemplating sending a care package to Japan for a certain someone's birthday coming up in November, is that someone missing anything in particular from home? Since that person is not terribly fond of sushi and probably can't get every favorite brand of food (or other stuff) in the stores over there or in the commissary, she might be wishing for a few old favorites...?

Anonymous said...

A sushi-inspired baby gift!


ES Me said...

I LOVE SUSHI!! Save some for me.


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