Monday, October 1, 2007

Our house!

Another picture of our house!

Our shower room

Our awesome Japanese-style bathtub

The Fish Oven. All I have made with this thing is toast. And I burned it.

Our kitchen
Cute Hello Kitty chair and table leg covers

Hello! How is everyone? I am doing pretty well. Zach had this weekend off, and I enjoyed having him home. We stayed close to home and did some grocery shopping. I also got a cell phone, so now I'm trying to figure out all the cool stuff it can do. The keypad has both English and Japanese, and the people who sold it to us set it for English---thankfully.

The weather is much cooler than when I arrived, and I am relieved about that. It's been raining the last few days, but I can deal with that. The hot and humid stuff is what gets to me.

A few of you have requested photos of our house, so I will include them in this post. I am also including pictures of our Hello Kitty chair and table leg covers. Zach doesn't mind that I put them on the furniture, and I just think they are so cute!


Anonymous said...

I love your house! So nice! Although I must say that showering in front of a mirror must be horrifying...or is that just me?

Anonymous said...

Okay, Zach has the patience of a saint or else he's blind because those Hello Kitty things are really scary (but I think all Hello Kitty, and for that matter, most pink things, are scary). But somehow I love you in spite of this, LN.

Your house looks very cool. At least you had Zach to help you move the furniture around---I remember heaving our hide-a-bed around by myself (might this explain the chronic back pain?)

We just got back home from Washington yesterday---it was a really nice trip but now I guess I have to do work and other lame, mundane things like cleaning again. How goes the life of the housewife? It's not all bad, in my opinion. After all, in your case you can always sneak out and get some liver on a stick and Zach will never know.

Or will he?


Jennifer Blackburn said...

Silence Carol!! I like the Hello Kitty leg covers, they totally rock! I wonder what it is about Japan and cuteness though... there must be books written on this mysterious subject.

Your house looks really nice, LN! I wish we had that bathtub. And the kitchen is quite upscale. Fish oven, ha ha!

I had my cell phone set on French for a while to refresh my memory of those French classes I took a billion years ago, but it started to get really annoying! Then when I got my iPod I noticed it had Japanese and thought it would be cool to set it to that just for kicks, but fortunately it occurred to me BEFORE I did it that I would then have no idea how to set it back to English! :-o That would have sucked!

Sheila said...

LOVE your house...though I agree with Karen about the shower mirror.

The blue on the outside is such a pretty color!