Saturday, May 10, 2008

Name of the Japanese restaurant

Seiko getting ready to grill!

Mixing the "batter"

Oil on the grill

Frying batter

Flipped okonomiyaki

Seiko put dried fish flakes and seaweed on hers

My attempt at frying yakisoba

Hello! Things have been pretty quiet around here this past week (if you don't count the two rather large but very short earthquakes I felt the other day and freaked out and started to dive for cover but couldn't make it underneath the table before they were over), so I haven't had much to post. But today I had lunch with Seiko, and she took me to a really cool Japanese restaurant called Dohton Bori that serves okonomiyaki. The closest thing I can compare it to is an omelette that you make yourself on a grill at your table. They also serve yakisoba, which is basically fried noodles with vegetables and meat. The menu had a huge selection of different combinations of raw ingredients. Our okonomiyaki "batter" had corn, mayonnaise, little sausages, green onions, an egg, carrots, and probably something else I forgot. You mix everything together in the bowl it comes in, and then you pour it onto the grill and flip it after a while so that it browns on both sides. After it's done cooking, you can add a tasty sauce, dried fish flakes, and seaweed flakes. I went for the sauce (which was really good) but just said no to the fish flakes and seaweed. Seiko made the okonomiyaki, and I tried cooking yakisoba. She helped me with that too. Everything was so yummy! Fun with food and friends--now that's a great afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Looks you go to a restaurant and PAY to cook your own food, huh? Don't like your kitchen anymore? Restaurant's fish oven is bigger than yours? Geez LN!!

Hey Girl -- Got back to looking at your blog today (after way too long). I'm completely OD on email with my new job, so I'm not so great at using a computer at home anymore...besides, it doesn't feel like I'm here much anyway! New job is crazy. Kids are growing. I want to eat chocolate mushrooms and those little monster coffee chocolate nuggets...we ain't got no Japanese grocer in these parts of WaRSHington....Dangit.

Love hearing of your adventures and living vicariously through you!! :)

Take care...Miss you!


Ursula said...

The felt food kit is awesome. You're a much stronger person than I am to be able to walk out of that store without buying several kits!!

Lunch looks great!

ES Me & Wonder Twin said...

OMG buy the adorable felt kit and if your husband gives you any crap call me instantly. You're right, it is useless, but IT'S AWESOME!!

Thank you for the food photos from the restaurant. It is 4:20pm and I am sitting here at work dying for something yummy and I see THIS! Uggg! I am so going home to throw my version of THAT in a pan. Hee hee hee.

Keep posting.

Erica & Tallas