Friday, May 30, 2008

Latest oshie project

Hello, hello. No, I haven't disappeared. I am still in Japan. :-) I have been crafting away these days. Yesterday I went to my second washi paper class, where we're learning how to cover cardboard boxes with beautiful Japanese washi paper. I finally finished my projects yesterday, but I don't have a picture to show you yet. I left them at the base to dry. However, I do have a picture of my latest oshie project. This one is of a boy dressed in a kimono. And today I am contemplating a trip to Yuzawaya to buy washi paper because my washi paper instructor told us that they have a 30-percent off sale from now until the 5th. Whoohoo!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. Paper. Paper at 30% off. Very pretty paper at 30% off. Good luck with that self control.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy 1st Anniversary! I hope you guys are doing something fun.
Love, Carol

jennifer blackburn said...

Cool, happy anniversary LN! Very nice oshie!