Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heating/air-conditioning unit mounted on wall near ceiling

Remote control for air unit

Hello! I hope everyone back home is doing well and staying warm. I have been learning to deal with being really cold. The weather here is mighty chilly right now. I wear sweaters a lot and constantly apply lotion because my skin is so dry. All of the rooms in our house are heated individually by heaters that are mounted on the walls near the ceiling. They are operated by remote control, and luckily we have a translated diagram of the buttons (the navy housing office gave it to us). These air units also provide us with air conditioning in the summer. They work well in each bedroom because the area that needs to be heated is small. The living room is a bit more challenging because the room is the largest in the house. We try to keep our heating costs down by only turning the heat on when we are in a room. This makes for a very cold house in the morning!

Stay warm everyone!


Anonymous said...

You should crochet yourself a nice warm dress. This one's a little small but I'm sure you could make some adaptations.


Karen said...

Yes, and for added inspiration, turn to the Vanna White crochet podcast at the Lion Brand website!

(Don't ask; I'm on a lot of mailing lists.)

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Ellen owns a Vanna White crochet book.

I'd like to buy a vowel. --Carol

Ellen said...

Okay, so I own a Vanna White crochet book. It has nice patterns! I'm not ashamed.