Friday, November 16, 2007

Shrimp pizza!

Costco-size bag of small dried fish. Yes, it's in our cart, but no, it didn't stay there!

Birthday cake in Japanese!

Don't these look like hot dogs?

Silly Zach on the cell phone, standing in front of the rice aisle

More bags of rice

Vacuum-packed pickled items

Cartons of Japanese sake!

Happy Friday! The last couple of days have been beautiful here. It's overcast today, but still nice. Fall has definitely arrived, and the leaves are changing colors. It's warmer here than I am used to in Washington this time of year, but it can get cold too.

Yesterday was a day off from work for Zach, and we decided to make a trek to Costco Japan. We had heard that they have a pretty decent selection of books in English, and since both Zach and I love to read, we thought we'd check it out. Finding books printed in English here is not easy. We picked up a map from the base information center a while back, but it turned out to be horrible. We eventually found our way there, but not without a bit of frustration along the way!

I brought my camera along to take some photos of different things they had. For the most part, it was quite similar to Costco in the States, but they also had several Japanese foods and gadgets as well. Anyone interested in large bags of dried fish, or fish sticks that look like hot dogs?
:-) We thought the prices were quite high, and since we can buy a lot of American goods at the base for a lot less, we didn't go too crazy. We were kind of bummed about the book selection, which was basically nonexistent. We're wondering if they sold books in English at one time, but then stopped since maybe there wasn't a big demand for them here. Though we didn't buy much, I can see how a store like this would be quite appealing to an American living here who doesn't have easy access to American items.


ES Me said...

Nice outfit bro!! WE LOVE YOUR CAMERA ELLEN!! I swear I getting really excited everytime I open the blog site and see all the new and amazing things. PERFECT.

Happy Adventures!!

Erica (and Tallas) :-)

Anonymous said...

So you must have taken the picture of the pickle shrine just for my benefit. EEEEooooo! Gross!

Don't tell me that you had 5+ full bookshelves in Washington and didn't take any books with you to Japan. Even so, there's this neat thing called

Jennifer Blackburn said...

I can't believe you can get like a milk carton of sake.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. sake in a milk carton, more classy than the American "wine in a box" deal I guess. The fish dogs are scary.

Tami A.