Thursday, September 20, 2007

Zach and I were waiting at a stoplight last night next to this McDonald's, and I just had to snap this photo of their latest featured food. McPork?! Check out the little piggy logo and curly tail. Does anyone remember the McRib? I never tried it, but I remember that they pressed the meat to look like a rib. I don't have any plans to run in and try one of these McPork numbers, but the photo had to be taken.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I love the McPork sign, Ellen! Maybe instead of McDreamy they can get a fat doctor on Grey's Anatomy and he can be called McPork. Hope all is well. We miss you bunches! -Happie, Zsolt, Atticus, Jemma & Hazel

P.S. Jemma and Hazel want to see some pictures of their kin all dressed up.

Jennifer Blackburn said...

Ah ha ha, you know you are going there every day to have a Mc Pork for lunch! Delicious!!

Reminds me of all the Coke billboards when I was there that all said, "I feel Coke"!