Monday, September 17, 2007

Here I am, copying the Japanese tradition of making the letter "V" in photos. I'm still not sure why they do it.

View from Jogashima

Lighthouse at Jogashima

Cute night light

The most amazing apple juice!

Monday is coming to a close. I had a pretty quiet day today. Zach is switching back to the night shift for the next two weeks, and I figure I won't see a lot of him on the days he is working. While I'm writing this, I'm nibbling on the most amazing Japanese chocolate that has four different flavors---two of which I can't read on the package---but they are yummy!

Yesterday was fun and a bit of test to see how well my patience level is with Japanese traffic. Our friends Carlina and Hoge (Hoge is also in the navy) invited us to join them on a drive south of here to an island called Jogashima, which means Island of the Castle, or something close to that. The view was amazing. See the pictures above. The drive, however, was not amazing. It took us close to three hours to drive about 25 miles, and about the same to drive home. We shouldn't have gone on a Sunday, but I guess you live and learn.

For those of you wondering, yes, I've already been sucked back into the vortex of the Japanese vending machines. I swear I'm going to come home with a suitcase filled with cute Japanese toys that serve no purpose other than to make me laugh. I recently bought a bottle of Qoo, which is this incredible apple-flavored drink that tastes better than any apple juice I've had before. As a bonus, an adorable night light came with the bottle (see picture above). I told Zach that he looks like the little guy sleeping, but he doesn't agree.

Well, that's about it for today.


Katsuyo said...

Darren and I agree with Ellen that the little guy on the night light looks like Zach. I mean totally.

Karen said...

This is great! Well done, Ellen. I'll look forward to your updates. Look out for Beerchan for me... xo PS Hi Kat!

Tina said...

Wonderful blog! Loved the very Japanese lighthouse--I sense Godzilla lurking beneath the waves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen, We conferred and we think it is a peace sign. So peace out! Glad that you did not run into the typhoon! Regina

Jennifer Blackburn said...

HA HA HA HA! What is up with that V sign, everybody was doing that when I was in Japan almost 20 years ago!! That is hilarious. And the traffic, vending machines, etc., yes, all familiar. Sounds like you are keeping yourself entertained!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Zack definitely loves you Ellen. If I put Hello Kitty chair leg covers on our Kitchen tables feet I would never hear the end of it, and Tofu Man would be thrown into the cat bed (or worse)! It takes a special kind of guy to live in a Sanrio Sanctuary.

Your house is so cute, and the tub is even pink!

Tami A.