Thursday, December 24, 2009

Anpanman and Baikinman wish you a Happy Merry Christmas! (If you don't know who they are, check out my post from January 7, 2008).

Karaoke electronic menu

Khozo and Seiko---they are awesome at karaoke!

Yep, I tried.

Yes, this is proof that Zach also sang!

Khozo is ichiban---number one!

Seiko singing and dancing. This was so hilarious. She sang a Japanese song popular during her high school days, and she still remembers all the words and dance moves.

Our 2009 Christmas cake!

A closer look

Happy Merry Christmas Eve! We just got home from Vinawalk, our local shopping mall, where we bought our Christmas cake for 2009. The photo is pretty good, but I wish you could smell the chocolate scent that was coming from this dessert while I took the photo. I am planning to make Swedish meatballs and Norwegian rommegrot for dinner tonight, but maybe we should just eat cake. Hmmm...I'll let you know how it tastes.

The other night we went out with Seiko and her husband Khozo for a fun evening of dinner and karaoke. Karaoke was on my Japan to-do list, and now I can say I did it. It was a blast! In the States you usually have to get up and sing in front of lots of people at a karaoke bar, but in Japan you rent a small room for a certain amount of time (we had ours for an hour), with your own private karaoke machine and couches. This allows you to sing and embarrass yourself in front of just your friends, not total strangers. :-) The place we went to had free soft drinks, and you could also buy beer. Seiko and Khozo were amazing singers. Seiko even did a dance number!

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Karen said...

Ahem. Maryland now has its own Peeps retail emporium.

"They manage to straddle the world between cute and horrible,” he said. “You can look into their black beady eyes and see your childhood. Or you can look into their black beady eyes and see the bleakness of the soul.”

Anonymous said...

*insert mournful expression here*
Hoping to lure Ellen back to blogland soon! xo