Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Japanese rice that they make mochi with

You can also buy the mochi already packaged and ready to roast

Roasting the mochi

Ruffy the dog---isn't he cute?!

It's ready to add to the soup

Ozouni---soup with mochi

Hello Kitty chocolate!


My boot kitties!

Hello! Is it cold where you are? It's super cold here! The Japanese word is "samui."

Yesterday I was at my friend Makiko's, and she taught me how to make a few dishes with mochi, a dense rice cake that you roast. I took a few pictures of the mochi roasting. We had a soup called "ozouni" with the mochi in it, and a dessert made of mochi, ground soy beans, and sugar that is called "abekawa mochi." Both were very tasty and Makiko sent me home with some of the supplies, so I'll have to try and make it on my own now. While we were cooking, their family dog Ruffy joined us. He is such a sweetheart and a big dog for Japan. He is a beautiful black flatcoat retriever.

And after a fun day with Makiko, I came home to find that my dear husband had bought me a surprise present---Hello Kitty chocolate! In case you're wondering, the chocolate is quite tasty.

My Thursday washi class is back in action after our instructor took a break over the Christmas and New Year holidays. We'll be working on making a box with a lid tomorrow. At home I've been working a kit that I bought at the Yokohama Quilt Show a few months ago. It involves pressing pieces of fabric into a styrofoam board with a sharp, pointed tool to make an image. When I'm done, I'll show you, but right now it still needs some work. It looked easier than I'm finding it to be, and I'm also trying to figure out the instructions by a) trial and error and b)looking at pictures rather than trying to read the Japanese characters!

While I was home in October, I bought myself a pair of black boots. (I haven't bought a single pair of shoes while I've been here because nothing fits me! Grrrr. ) Boots are very popular here and everyone wears them. The stores have these cool little stuffed things that you can put inside your boots to keep them standing upright. Some have cute little animals on top, and I finally bought myself a pair of boot kitties this past week. I snapped a photo so you can see what I'm talking about. Enjoy!


Karen said...

Those boot kitties are adorable, and I'm not even a cat person. The dog is cute, too! The rice looks like good comfort food. Isn't there a rice food with ice cream inside?

Holly said...

Hi Ellen,

I love your boot kitties. It was fun to be reminded on when we were all shoe shopping together last year in Seattle.

Mark and I tried Mochi a couple of times. I hadn't thought of putting them in soup. That will be fun to try sometime.