Friday, December 5, 2008

Kat and Darren in Harajuku

Christmas toilet paper?! Holy crap!

Okay, I feel like I'm about 10 years old for pointing this out. Is that really Santa on a yule log between Mr. Bear and Mr. Pig?!

Hello! It's a very stormy day. I'm looking outside at crazy rain, and the tree next to our house keeps slapping against the window.

So things are pretty quiet around here. Kat and Darren headed back to Seattle on Wednesday. We really enjoyed having them here. Before they left, we took a trip on Sunday afternoon to Harajuku in search of the famous kids dressed up in crazy outfits. Unfortunately we only saw a handful. We figured that there must be a gathering place, and we assumed that we would find it once we got there, but Harajuku is big and we struck out. We did find a great toy store called Kiddy Land and spent a lot of time there. They had a whole floor devoted to Hello Kitty and Sanrio, so I was quite happy.

Now I'm getting ready to decorate for Christmas. Yay! I finished cleaning up the house this morning, and I hope to set up the tree tonight or tomorrow with Zach's help. Reindeer Man will soon be hanging out in our living room again.

We also have a new product in the house---Christmas toilet paper! I saw it at a store in Yamato and had to have it. Zach expressed some dismay when he came home and saw it sitting on the counter, but I told him that it was unique. Plus, it's cuteness with a purpose!

Okay, have a good day, and stay warm.

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Ali said...

Christmas TP! Santa on a yule log! that some kind of insider term to poop? lol

I'm glad that you're back. :) We'll have to get together sometime. Kevin and I called last week to try and have dinner with you guys, but Zack was on watch. Boo watch!