Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Latest oshie project

Close up

I took another oshie class last week, and this is the finished product. I thought it was a sweet image, and it will always remind of cherry blossoms in Japan.


jennifer blackburn said...

That is cute LN, you are talented! Maybe you could get a job as an oshie craftswoman!

jennifer blackburn said...

OK LN, you have to post these hilarious links for people's edification and amusement.

A cool game show:

A very odd game show (not sure how winner is determined):

Another example of Japanese science in action. Observe, as my friend said in sending me the link to this "marshal arts demonstration of advanced escape techniques," that "even at this master's high level of expertise it takes until the end of the video for him to complete this difficult technique."

Ellen said...

OMG!! Thanks for the links, Jen. I really liked the first one---human tetris! I laughed so hard! We've seen our share of really bizarre t.v. here. It seems like costumes are a requirement on the game shows, and they never let you down. One memorable show had everyone dressed up in bug costumes, with a big red ball attached to their private areas. I kept saying to Zach, "Why?" But I guess the weirder the better. I only wish I knew what they were saying, but sometimes that isn't necessary!