Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tori gate at Atsugi navy base

Remember when I took this same shot a few months ago, with snow on the ground?!

Park that I walk by on my way to the train station near the navy base

Temple near our house

Another street near our house

Camp Zama army base

Tori gate at Camp Zama

Library building at Camp Zama

The Japanese word for "camellia" is "tsubaki."

I often walk along this path. It is parallel to the train tracks near our house, and our train station is just a short walk from here.

So today I decided to take my camera and photograph cherry blossoms. I walked everywhere! The trees are blooming all over the place, and they only last a short time. The skies have been threatening to dump rain all day, and as I'm writing this, I'm looking out the window and seeing drops starting to fall. I'm so glad I did my excursion earlier this morning. Yesterday I took photos of blossoms at the navy base; the majority of today was spent taking photos at Camp Zama's army base near our house. Aren't the blossoms beautiful? Enjoy!


navmetro said...

Love the pictures all most as much as I love u.


Claudia Cole said...

I love the dog store and strollers! What a hoot. We got a little Yorkshire Terrier, Molly, about 2 months ago, but I don't think she would sit in a stroller for long. We are knitting at work today and I am working on a little sweater for her, tho. She is here at work today.
Keep up the is very interesting to see all the fun things and lovely sites you are able to enjoy there. Miss you!